Forever in Your Heart

The Forever In My Heart Locket is the perfect fully customizable heart-shaped keepsake for that special someone. Personalize every Forever In My Heart Locket with charms representing all of the things you or your loved ones cherish. Each Forever In My Heart Locket is magnetic making adding and changing charms simple and easy. Each locket hangs from an adjustable snake chain.Forever In My Heart Lockets are small– about the size of a quarter– and easy to wear. Each locket has a silver tone finish with rhodium plating and glass on both sides to display every darling little charm. Each Forever in Your Heart Locket is nickel free for those who easily break out from wearing metal.To add charms, simply open the locket. The front and back are hinged for easy opening and closing like the door to your heart. Then insert your favorite charms and snap the front closed. The magnets insure that your charms and lockets are secure. Charms are sold separately. The Forever In Your Heart Lockets are available at four Anne’s Hallmark locations in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Anne's Hallmark
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